Shelf Defense

Shelf Defense

10 FAQ about adding pull out shelves to your existing cabinets. #6

by David Hughes on 12/20/13

Q: Do you have a solution for organizing cookbooks?

A: Sure do.  Just had a customer in Fort Worth Texas that ordered 30 pull out shelves.  This is the cook book pull out shelf.  Simple enough so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
It is pretty simple just dedicate one space to a cookbook pull out shelf that is ten inches tall.  You can place all your cookbooks in binder up so they are always organized and easy to find.

10 FAQ about adding pull out shelves to your existing cabinets. #5

by David Hughes on 12/02/13

Q: What is a stile removal.

A: A stile removal is the process of removing the vertical piece of wood that is located between two cabinet doors.  Then the stile is attached to one of the doors thus making it part of the door.  This has several advantages.  Removal will allow you to install two large pull out shelves in the same space that would have required 4 small roll outs.  It is more cost effective to remove a stile and add 2 pull outs instead of installing 4 roll outs.  The savings, usually, equals the cost of a single roll out.  The amount of space you gain is pretty dramatic.  Most stiles are 3" wide so you gain 3" right off the bat x2 for two levels of roll outs.  Installing four pull outs, two on each side of the stile, causes you to lose additional space because the thickness of the additional roll outs plus the additional hardware causes a loss of another 2" x 2 levels.  You will gain 10" of additional space by having a stile removal done.  So the stile removal is always a win/win.  You spend less and get more space.  Just look at these before and after photos from a customers home in McKinney, TX.


There is one minor drawback to having a stile removed.  The stile has to be cut thus slightly altering the appearance of your cabinets.  I'll let you decide from the next before and after photos if this slight appearance change is worth the huge benefits.


10 FAQ about adding pull out shelves to your existing cabinets. #4

by David Hughes on 11/28/13

Q: Will I lose space in my cabinets if I add pull out shelves?

A: The short answer is yes.  The Long answer takes a little explaining.  When you add pull out shelves to your existing cabinets the roll out has to come through the existing door opening.  That means any space behind the frame of the cabinet will likely be lost.  Also, you have to consider that the thickness of the drawer box and hardware  both contribute to a slight loss in width and depth.  On a pull out shelf with a fully captured drawer bottom sacrificing 3/4" to 1" in height is necessary.  

     Now with all that said lets really look at the reason why a person would want to add  pull out shelves to their existing cabinets.  Recently I had a customer in Lewisville, Texas who had his base cabinets stuffed top to bottom and front to back.  I told him that he would get 50% of his items back in the cabinets after the pull outs are installed.  His response was "good, we need a reason to get rid of all this stuff".  Pull out shelves don't increase your space but they increase space that is usable and accessible.  That client was, at most, using only the first 10-12" of cabinet space for day to day needs and the rest was storing items that he never used or did not even know were there.  I can't tell you haw many times customers have told me that after they cleared out the cabinets to have the pull out shelves installed they found forgotten items and now realized they bought the same component three times because it was un-findable. A new item was purchased each time instead of digging the existing one out of the cabinets.  I guess the bottom line is that pull out shelves installed in your existing cabinets will make everything accessible whether it is in the front or back of your cabinet. In the long run this will save you money and lower stress in the kitchen.

10 FAQ about adding pull out shelves to your existing cabinets. #3

by David Hughes on 11/23/13

Q#3: How can I organize my baking sheets, cutting boards and trays?

A: There are two really good solutions for organizing and accessing your trays, baking sheets and cutting boards.  First is a pull out that is deep enough to hold your trays while you file them vertically.
 We first install the pull out shelf in the cabinet.  Usually the cabinet is between 9-18" wide.  Once the pull out is installed then we attach the door to the pull out making it operate like a large drawer.  Now you will always be able to find your favorite baking tray without having to dig through all your items.  I have a customer in Plano Texas that is a semi-professional baker.  She had us install two tray divide pull out shelves in her kitchen.  The second solution is to divide the space above your wall mounted oven into sections that will allow you to stack your sheets and trays on edge.  This keeps them organized and allows you to find all of your baking items easily.

10 FAQ about adding pull out shelves to your existing cabinets. #2

by David Hughes on 11/20/13

Q2: How much will pull out shelves cost?

A: Adding pull out shelves to cabinets really does not vary much from job to job.  95% percent of Kitchen Alive customers have 3" tall pull outs installed.  Of course the widths of the roll outs will vary but adding height has  more of an effect on price than adding width.  Some people will choose 5" tall pull outs to make it easier to stack light things like plastic ware.  It is usually not necessary to have tall roll outs for pots and pans or other heavy items that are self contained.  Trash pull outs and sliding tray divider cabinets are 10" tall and cost the most of any roll out.  The last thing that adds cost to a pull out shelf installation it a stile removal.  This is when we remove the piece of wood that is located between two opposing doors.  The stile is cut and attached to one door (actually making it part of the door) then two large pull outs are installed instead of 4 little ones.  We charge $65.00 for a stile removal.  So you can expect to pay about $125-$135 per pull out shelf ( you need two per cabinet) if you purchase at least 6 roll outs.  Minimum charges apply to less than 6 pull out shelves.