Welcome to Kitchens Alive, LLC - Dallas / Fort Worth's trusted name in outstanding kitchen storage solutions. ​

Every kitchen deserves to have high-quality, cost-effective storage solutions that help homeowners properly organize items while optimizing available storage space. Here at Kitchens Alive, we offer customized storage solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, and just about every room in the house. 

Our outstanding roll out shelves can be customized to perfectly fit any existing cabinet, eliminating the need to spend a lot on full kitchen remodeling services. Without Kitchen Alive's pullout shelves, you are not able to fully utilize all the space in your cabinets.  We even have solutions for those impossible to reach corner cabinets!
We specialize in building storage solutions for kitchens, but can customize storage solutions for just about any existing cabinet in your home. Whether it be in your bedroom or bathroom, our roll-out shelves will work just as well as they do in the kitchen!

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